Knaked Knitting – The Method (Knitting With No Needles)

This method of knitting is great fun.

All you need is the yarn/wool of your choice.


Cast On:
Make a slip knot, put it on your left wrist. Now cast on – pull the yarn through the slip knot, put this loop on your wrist- you now have 2 stitches on your wrist, pull the yarn through this new stitch,, put new loop on your wrist, repeat  until the desired number of stitches (eg 5/6 stitches for a scarf).

Now To Knit

Row 1
The cast on stitches will be on your left arm, grab the yarn with you left hand, hold in your fist. With your right hand, lift the cast on stitch over the your fist and drop it, your new stitch will still be in your left fist, put this loop on your right arm. Do this with all the stitches on your left arm until all the new stitches are on your right arm.
Row 2
Do the same as row 1 but grab the yarn with you right hand and hold in you fist. With you left hand lift the first stitch over your right fist and drop, put the new loop that is in your right fist on your left arm.
Keep repeating these 2 rows until the desired length.
Cast Off:
Knit the 1 2 stitches as shown above, now put the first stitch over the 2 one, this will now be the first stitch, knit one more, put first stitch over the second. Repeat until just 1 stitch left, break of yarn and pull yarn through this stitch and pull tight.
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