Knaked Knitted Dress

This is such fun to knit.
Having mastered the basic knitting pattern, why don’t you try this
This dress adjusts to size, try it and you will see what I mean!!

1kg ball merino tops (can be bought from Woolfish)
1 pair of arms

Cast on 14 stitches – leaving a tail of about 20cm to be sewn up the back
Knit 7 rows –you will have all the stitches on your right arm

Armhole Row
Knit 2, slip 1stitch, knit 1 stitch, pass slip stitch over, put wool over arm (make stitch), knit 6 stitches, put wool over arm(make stitch), knit2together.

Cast Off Row
Knit 2 stitches, pass 1 stitch over 2 stitch, do this 1 more time(you have cast off 2 stitches), knit 2 together, pass 1 stitch on right arm over the second, do this (knit 2 together, pass 1 stitch over 2) another 4 times, you should have just 2 stitches on your left arm, cast off in the normal way ( same as 1 2 stitches on this row)
put the yarn that’s left through the loop of the last stitch

Sewing Up
To join both sides of work together (this will be the back of the dress)use  the top end of yarn to weave ( with fingers) both sides together working down, now use the yarn at the bottom and weave sides together from the bottom up.
When both ends meet either rub together to try and felt the 2 ends together or work the ends past each other and poke them through the actual yarn, you could split the yarn to be sure of it not undoing.

Care Instructions
It would be best to spot clean, do not rub too much.
you can soak the dress and gently squeeze out the water. At this stage you could lay on a large towel, roll up the towel length wise, put your foot on one end and twist the towel to try and draw most of the water. ( I used to do this when I didnt have a washing machine)