TNT Ebba 'Simples' Hat Pattern


Woolfish 'Ebba' 100g (possibly 200g depending on tension and pompom) Please note that 'Ebba' is no longer available but can be substituted by using two strands of Aran wool
8mm Straight, 40cm Circular or 8mm Double pointed needles(dpns)
(For a seam free finish use circular and dpns, for this pattern I am using straight needles).

Cast On
Cast on 45sts.
Begin with knit row and continue in stocking st.
(If  you are using circular needles continue your knitting by knitting on  the round - knitting into the next row instead of starting a new row)
Work 26 rows ending with a wrong side row (ws).
*Knit 9sts, knit 2 togther(k2tog),rep from* to end, knit 1.
Work 1 row.
*K 7 sts, k2tog, rep from* to end, k5.
Work 1 row.
*K 5 sts, k2tog, rep from* to end, k5.
(At this point if using circular needles, transfer your stitches evenly onto 3 of your dpns and proceed knitting with 4 dpns)
Work 1 row.
*K 3 sts, k2tog, rep from* to end, k5.
Work 1 row.
*k 1 st, k2tog, rep from* to end, k5.
K2tog, rep to end.
Break off yarn and run trough remaining sts, pull tight and sew in end to anchor.
Sew up the sides with remaining yarn.
My mum and I disagree on the finishing of the hat,
she thinks that it looks great on it's own, I think
that it is crying out for a decide!
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