TNT 'Beehive' Hat Pattern

This is a fantastic pattern an suits everybody even the 'I-DON'T- SUIT-HATS-!' people! Here goes;

Any aran weight 75g (pictured in Noro 'Taiyo')
*Please note, if you are using 100% wool, e.g Noro 'Kureyon' this hat will have a good fit and springy rib structure. If using yarn with a high silk content such as the 'Taiyo', please drop to a 4.5mm needle size to avoid a very loose and baggy shape caused by the lack of elasticity in silk.
5mm 40cm circular needles
5mm double pointed needles(dpns)
(You can also use straight needles and just sew up the sides of the hat when finished.)

Cast on 83 stitches.
Purl 4 rows on the round.
Knit 4 rows on the round.
Rep(eat) these two until you can count out 9 bands of rib.
*Decrease Pattern: Knit 1 row.
Knit 8 then knit 2 together(k2tog), knit 8 then k2tog, rep till end of row.
Knit 2 rows.
Purl 4 rows.
Rep the decrease pattern (*) dropping from 7 stitches to 6 until you reach 5 stitches, then transfer onto the dpns, (ignore if using straight needles and continue knitting), spreading the stiches evenly over 3 needles using the fourth to knit with just as you would with socks.
Carry on with your decrease pattern until you reach end of the 1 stitch section then cast off remaining stitches.
Loop yarn through last stitch an then use the end to sew up the hole.
Sew in the ends.

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